How often are trips? When will my order be fulfilled?

Currently, we are scheduling one trip each month, which will be identified on the website (up in the banner!) and our Facebook page. We hope to add additional trips in the future!

Why do I pay you and not IKEA? 

Unfortunately, IKEA doesn't allow for paying online and holding for pickup. For your convenience, we invoice you just once for the product cost, service fee and tax.

How are returns processed? 

If you would like to return an item, we must receive your item back within 20 days of your receipt of your order. Once we return the item on our next trip, we will refund you the product total. Unfortunately, the service fee is non-refundable. In the event an item you receive is missing parts or damaged, please contact us and we will work directly with IKEA to resolve the issue.

Are the items I want in stock? 

While you can’t reserve your items for pick up, you can check their likely stock availability on IKEA’s website. On the item page, you can select the Twin Cities store and check stock availability. This isn’t a guarantee your item will be in stock, but provides the best estimate.

What if items in my order become out of stock? 

If items in your order are not in stock when we are on the trip, we will fulfill as much of your order as possible and issue you a refund for the difference.

Do you pick up from other retailers in the Twin Cities? 

Currently, we only pick up from IKEA. However, if demand increases we will look at other retailers. If you would like us to consider expanding our services to another retailer, please email jeff@modernsiouxfalls.com with the name!

When and where will I pick up the items I ordered? 

Pick-up will be scheduled for the Sunday after our trip from 10 AM – 1 PM. Our pick-up site is located in central Sioux Falls. Once we've received your order and payment, we will contact you to arrange pick-up with our physical address.

I live outside of Sioux Falls. Can I place an order with you? 

Absolutely! If you can pick the item up in Sioux Falls, you can live anywhere!